Flute Repairs and Hire

Flute Repairs and Hire

Welcome to the top range (in terms of pitch) of the woodwind instruments!

We always keep a good supply of second hand flutes in stock, which are available to hire or purchase. We mainly have Yamaha 200 Series or Jupiter 500 Series for beginner to Grade 5, plus the Yamaha 300 Series (these have a solid silver head joint) for the intermediate stage and the Yamaha 400 Series (solid silver flute) for Grade 5 onwards.

No reeds are required to play the flute – it is played by blowing over the hole on the headjoint. We have a selection of cleaning products, cases and stands for flutes.

We also have a piccolo available for hire – this is mainly used for specific orchestral use by flautists.

We recommend listening to YouTube clips by James Galway to get an idea of how lovely an instrument this can be.