Musical Instrument Repairs

Quality Instruments

Our workshop is fully comprehensive with the equipment and specialism required to perform repairs ranging from simple adjustments to full restoration projects on Clarinets, Saxophones, Bassoons, Oboes, Flutes, Trumpets, Cornets & Trombones.

We are able to offer emergency ‘On the Spot’ repairs when required, but please contact us before arriving.

We design, manufacture and custom fit keywork and other instrument fittings.

We are able to take on all jobs from simple adjustments to full restoration as necessary.

All instruments are play tested after the work has been completed and final adjustments are then made.

Our customer base is worldwide with satisfied clients in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and of course the UK.

We accept all major credit / debit cards including:


A Brief Guide To Our Services


This is when a full service is not required, but some minor adjustment is needed (often on relatively new instruments). Includes:

  • Visually and air checking the instrument for leaks
  • Reseat pads and regulate keywork action as required
  • Test instrument


This is when we take the instrument apart to clean, lubricate and restore to full working order. Includes:

  • Dismantle instrument
  • Clean all pads, instrument body and keywork
  • Replace touch corks within the mechanism as required
  • Oil keywork throughout
  • Oil wood
  • Rebuild instrument regulating keywork mechanism
  • Test instrument


This is an extended service that includes the replacement of all the instrument pads. Includes:

  • The service option above
  • Remove and replace all pads


This is an extended repad and mechanical service, where we carry out major maintenance work as detailed below:

  • The repad service option above
  • remove and replace all touch corks, felts, joint corks
  • Clean and oil treat (wood) body
  • Polish keywork and pillars
  • Take up movement slack on all keywork