Musical Instrument Hire

Quality Instruments

Our hire prices are based on a monthly rental amount and we hire on a termly basis.

If you decide to purchase the instrument, half of the hire fees paid can be deducted against the purchase price of that instrument up to the equivalent cost of 4 months hire. This deduction also applies if you wish to purchase a different instrument from us.

Includes standard instrument maintenance throughout the hire period.

We only stock instruments which we feel will give the best sound quality with a range for the beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Monthly Hire Prices

Flute – from £20
Trumpet- from £16
Cornet – from £20
​Flute with Curved Head – from £30
Clarinet – from £18
Alto Saxophone – from £28
Wooden Clarinet – from £28
Oboe – from £28
Bassoon – from £40
Mini Bassoon/Tenoroon – from £50

A Guide to Instrument Hire

Your child has decided to start playing an instrument and you need to source an instrument for them. Assuming that the school does not provide an instrument, you will need to hire or purchase one from somewhere else. However, to ensure that your child wishes to continue to play, you need an instrument that has a good quality sound, an instrument that can be fixed (yes, they will need fixing at some point!) and all for a reasonable price.

Purchasing a new instrument is always a lovely thing to do (especially if it’s a present from a grandparent etc.), but remember that you lose a proportion of the value as soon as you purchase it – just like buying a new car. Buying a second hand instrument can be a lot cheaper, whilst being able to purchase a better instrument for the same cost – sometimes the older instruments can have a lovely quality of sound. The other option is to hire an instrument, whilst your child decides whether they’ve made the right choice of instrument or whether they actually want to play one at all!

It’s always a good idea to make it clear to your child before they start that their teacher will require a certain amount of practice between lessons and an agreement between you and your child as to which days this will happen and at what time is always a good start to help them understand everyone’s expectation. The amount of practice and effort a child gives to the instrument will determine, in over 90% of cases, how quickly they progress on the instrument.

At Musical Cocktails, we are passionate about getting children to start playing, to experience the joy of playing in groups / bands / orchestras when they get a bit better and to continue to play – hopefully through to GCSE, A-Levels, University and beyond!